Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Did you know?

It's YOUR CHOICE which Flooring Store does the replacement of your damaged floor. As the homeowner, you have the right to pick the Flooring Store of your choice.

No insurance or restoration company can force you to go a Flooring Store you don't want to. They may recommend a few stores, but you are under NO OBLIGATION to go to, or use them. In the end it's ENTIRELY UP TO YOU which Flooring Store you decide upon.

After all, it's YOUR HOME and you should pick a Flooring Store you can trust to give you the honest replacement value and properly install your new floor.
insurance claims
insurance claims
A&R Carpet Barn regularly works with insurance companies, restoration companies and adjusters to replace damaged flooring.
We know the insurance claim process very well and are here to help you make the process as headache free as possible.
Ask your adjuster or restoration company for your  

This is your flooring replacement value report. You are entitled to this report and all the information on it. The ICC Report gives you a dollar amount, including labour the insurance company is allowing you for your flooring replacement.
Once you come in and select your new flooring, our installers will go out to your home to check over and correctly measure the areas in question.
We then work directly with the adjuster or restoration company, providing them with a detailed quote for materials and labour.
When the quote is approved, we schedule a convenient date for the installation so you can be enjoying your new floor as soon as possible.

It's that easy.....
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