Acclimating Your Flooring

Acclimating Your Flooring

Here are just a few basic points to look out for when acclimating ANY TYPE of flooring.
Acclimation (also acclimatization) is a process that allows your new floor to adjust to its new environment. By leaving the new flooring inside the room for a certain period of time, the natural moisture content of the new floor is able to adjust to the relative normal conditions of where it will be installed.The new flooring will acclimate to the indoor humidity and temperature in about three or four days. The longer the better.
The process of getting your new flooring properly acclimated is quite simple: 

Check job site conditions
The area’s temperature and humidity conditions area critical.

Check weather conditions before having the floors delivered:
There’s a very good chance that if  new hardwood flooring is delivered during a damp or rainy day, they will absorb moisture. Similarly, if floors are installed under these conditions, you can expect some shrinking and cracking within a few months after installation.

Check if drywall, plastering and painting have been completed:
Moisture evaporates from damp walls straight into the air inside the house, and some of this will definitely be absorbed by the new flooring floor. Do not have your floors delivered until after paint is completely dry.

Check the ambient humidity at the job site
In many cases, installation will be done when the occupants of the house are away and when heating or cooling is turned off. This results in a differential humidity level than when occupants of the house are at home and the heater or air conditioner is turned on. The goal of acclimatizing floors is to let it adjust to normal living conditions; you should make the necessary adjustments.
Hardwood Floor Acclimation
Your hardwood floor, was once a living, breathing, growing object. As such, it is organic and will inevitably have reactions to other natural factors. These factors include temperature, moisture, and humidity – factors that are all present in your home.  Acclimation is an absolute must for all those looking to install hardwood in their homes. 

These are just a few basic points to look out for when acclimating ANY TYPE of flooring. 

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